Three Stocks for the Post-Crisis

What stocks are going to be left standing after the current crisis has run its course? Paul Kedrosky of Ten Asset Management believes it will be companies that handle financial risk and tranparency well.

"The CME has really laid out a nice path forward," he said Monday on CNBC. He thinks they will be a player in moves to bring greater transparency to financial instruments like credit default swaps.

Riskmetrics and Factset Research Systems will also be beneficiaries, Kedrosky said. (See his full comments in the video)

"Even though we'd like to say in the future only thing we're going to do to manage risk is just cut leverage that's just not realistic. It's going to happen for sure we'll go along with much lower leverage but we're also going to continue use risk models and we're going to go to the providers of risk models that do the most credible job of giving us data that tell us what our real risks are and right now that's probably Riskmetrics and Factset."

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Disclosure information on Kedrosky was not immediately available.