Nobel Prize Winner Krugman: George Clooney Plays Him In Movie?

Paul Krugman
Paul Krugman

For anyone who's ever worked with someone who became insufferable after winning recognition, Andy Borowitz has a blog this morning you'll appreciate.

He's "reporting" on the office fallout of Paul Krugman winning the Nobel Prize for economics. (It's a joke--Borowitz is a comedian after all).

"Krugman Could Turn into Massive Douchebag, Colleagues Fear," reads the headline. Borowitz goes on to "investigate" claims by Krugman's colleagues at the New York Times and Princeton that the economist is "walking around like he's Jay-Z or something."

For example, at a meeting, "Mr. Krugman showed up with a coffee mug reading, 'No. 1 Economist.' While his colleagues discussed the current global financial crisis, Mr. Krugman 'couldn't be bothered' and spent the meeting texting Matt Damon instead." Read more on his blog and learn how George Clooney may play Krugman in the movie.

Reader Rick A. writes about the Government's plan to take stakes in banks:
"Don't quite understand the euphoria - it's like we just spent a fortune on a new paint job for a car that doesn't run!

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