Mark Sly's After The Show Reaction

By Mark Sly
Creator, Mark Sly Music

Wow! I just got home and Im still buzzing with excitement about my appearance on "The Big Idea". I can't thank Donny and his panel enough, the feedback for my guitar instructional dvd


was amazing - and if that wasent enough Donny was nice enough to pair me up with John Tesh and the great people at Guitar Center! John Tesh is going to have me on his radio show and when he comes to NYC I am invited on stage to play guitar with him - amazing - thanks John!!!! Guitar Center has agreed to carry my dvd in their stores across the pinching myself right now - this is truly a dream come true -

My interview went great, I was nervous, But Donny was cool and his panel of guests were so gracious they made me feel at home - Donny asked me about comparing the current economic crisis to my experience after 9/11. I was on the 48th floor of WTC 1 on the morning of 9/11 working for Fuji bank. I made a promise to myself that morning while trying to escape that if I made it out alive I would quit my job with the bank and pursue my music carrer full-time.

It started off slow, I moved back in with my parents and began offering guitar lessons and playing various gigs. My guitar lessons got so busy that I couldent keep up with the demand so I decided to film a guitar lesson DVD "Mark Sly's Secrets Guitar Teachers Don't Want You To Know!". I know how hard it is to start over, and alot of people have to do that today with all the job losses, but I know now like I did after 9/11 that if I follow my true passion Ill make out ok - so far it has worked, not once....but now twice - a great quote I think of in hard times is:

"Follow Your Bliss"

Thanks again to all the great people at CNBC's "The Big Idea With Donny Deutsch"

- Mark Sly