Mad Mail: Is Deere a Buy?

Dear Jim: I come from a farming family. American farmers tend to use credit in the winter season, after harvest, to buy machinery. Since Deere machinery is so expensive, do you think Deere can go lower? I can't see many planters or combines being bought this year if there's no credit access. Like you, I like the company, but I don't like the market situation. --Carol

Cramer says: “…once the commercial paper origination was freed up by the Federal Reserve that was good for Deere. This new bank news is good for Deere. I think Deere should be bought here.”


Jim: What do you think of HEICO Corp.? -- Douglas

Cramer says: “That’s aerospace and defense. Not a great combination under an Obama presidency or a Boeing strike.”

Jim’s charitable trust owns Deere.

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