Sector Picks for a Volatile Market

Dean Barber, chief investment officer at the Barber Financial Group, says we have entered a long-term secular bear market, and he’s remaining cautious.

“If we’re going to buy anything right now, it’s going to be consumer staples,” he said. “If people are going to stay in this market, they better have plenty of Dramamine, because the volatility is going to continue.”

Barber has created a portfolio for his clients who want to tiptoe back into the market without a significant amount of risk. The portfolio consists of mostly cash and bonds with select equities and commodities.

Quincy Crosby, chief investment strategist at The Hartford, also predicts the market will have swings for some time to come, but she holds a positive outlook for the long run.

“We think the clients who are already in and fully in should wait this out. If they can’t cope and they want to retire next year, perhaps wait until we start to see some of those mega bounces,” she said. “I believe we’re going to get through this, and the market is going to steady itself and right itself.”

Her favorite sectors are healthcare, technology and energy.

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