NFL And Locker Room Celebrations


Coming off yesterday's post when I talked about the Red Sox champagne that was never opened I called the NFL to find out why there isn't any bubbly after their teams clinch or win it all.

"We have a longstanding policy prohibiting alcohol in the locker room," league spokesman Brian McCarthy said.

The policy, McCarthy said, specifically reads: "No alcoholic beverages, including beer, are allowed in the locker rooms at any time during the preseason, regular season or postseason. This includes during the practice week and on game day."

It was thought that baseball would consider banning all alcohol from the clubhouse following the death of St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Josh Hancock, but that hasn't happened. Former Major League pitcher Denny McClain, whose daughter was killed by a drunk driver, once wrote that MLB won't ban it until a player kills someone else. Hancock only killed himself.

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