Pickens: The Man With the Plan

You’ve seen the commercials: Oilman T. Boone Pickens urges the U.S. to break its addiction to foreign oil. He praises the power of natural gas and wind and solar power, all resources available right here at home. Already, 1.25 million people have signed up at PickensPlan.com to show their support. And that’s not even counting the just over 10 million have visited the site.

The idea’s caught hold of Cramer in a big way. Viewers know that the Mad Money host has been talking up wind stocks since at least this past summer, and natural gas is a regular theme on the show. Quanta Services, Trinity , Clean Energy Fuels (which Pickens and his wife own 40% of), Ultra Petroleum and Kinder Morgan Partners are just a few of the names Cramer’s mentioned lately.

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