Mad Mail: Will Banks Still Pay Preferred Dividends?

Dear Jim: Ewww! Dollar store vanilla wafers, say it ain't so! I thought I was so smart going in there to buy the giant box of Junior Mints to take to the movies - the movie was awful and the mints were in one big glob. Now, in these unstable times, it is only Blockbuster for the movies and Wal-Mart for the double-stuffed Milano cookies. My youngest is 14, and thanks to what I've learned, I moved his 529 to cash. The only vacation he and I will be taking is camping out in my daughter's Columbia dorm room! In all seriousness, you are so appreciated and needed especially during these days…you are a good man, Jim Cramer, and quite fun, too. Very hip tie/shirt combination, might I add. Pink-ah booyah! --Lisa in Annapolis

Cramer says: “…if you’re kid is younger and won’t need the money for five years, you’re not going with me. You got a different plan. I need only people who need their money for a major purchase in five years to take money out of the stock market. Everybody else can let it ride or keep putting money in…Wal-Mart…I think is the only retailer that you should buy aggressively here. Even up $4, I’d it aggressively. I think that company’s going to blow away the numbers.”


Jim: Booyah from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University! I know that last week you recommended Hershey. What do you think about Toostie Roll Industries ? --Bridget in Indiana


Cramer: Under the government capital infusion plan, will and can the major banks continue to pay dividends on current preferred stocks? If so, are they good buys? --Jim

Cramer says: “…Yes. They are going to continue. This isn’t Britain where they confiscated them.”

Jim's charitable trust owns Wal-Mart.

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