Empty-Pocket Plays

The trade-down trade is on.

We've already recommended a series of companies that work during tough economic times: Ralcorp, the private-label cereal maker (you know, the supermarket brand that you probably never considered purchasing until now), Cash America, the largest pawnbroker in America that also has a big payday-loan division, and on Wednesday Family Dollar, the largest dollar-store chain in the country.

You can come up with these on your own. The way to think about it, if you're not cash strapped, is to imagine a place you would never, ever conceive of shopping at, in the seediest part of town, or a lender, like Cash America, that you think it would be crazy to borrow from because the interest rate they slap you with would make even a loan shark wince. I don't know if collection agencies like Portfolio Recovery Associates work, given that there's less and less for them to collect, but you get the general idea.

If it makes you vomit a little bit in the back of your throat, you're probably onto something!

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