Turning Fantasy Sports Games Into A Living Reality

Source: Rotohog.com

Jeff and Diane Suber live in a house that fantasy built. Their house in Frisco, Texas, was funded in part by Jeff taking home first place and $100,000 in Rotohog.com’s fantasy baseball contest last year.

And this year, the house is readying for two plasma TV’s thanks to he and his wife placing second and third. They also had some extra cash in the form of $5,000, after Diane came in fourth in the web site’s fantasy football last season.

Jeff has always been a fantasy junkie of sorts. He played in a rotisserie keeper league for 20 years. But things changed when he moved from New Jersey to Texas.

He didn’t have a job for the first four months of the baseball season. “That made a big difference,” Suber said. “I treated it like it was my job.”

As for the doubters about his wife’s skill, Jeff admits that his wife was never really interested in sports. But he talked so much about it that she took a stab at playing and has been wildly successful.

I guess you can say the two are living a fantasy--thanks to fantasy, that is.

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