Don’t freeze solid... Be prepared for a thaw

By David Aliberti
Sterling Sports Cars LLC.
After talking and to Donny Deutsch and Jim Cramer about my car company on the show I came


to a realization that times are different and it was hard to swallow. I learned that I have been running my company in survival mode and did not even know it. To keep my dream alive I have keep my company very flexible and lean.

My question for Donny:

“Donny – My business is doing well…I am growing at a pace…I can barely keep up with . But I am scared I may be getting TOO big... TOO fast! I am finally doing my childhood dream job. Starting and running my own car company. I’m working around the clock to compete and take advantage of the downturn promoting my fuel efficient – electric cars. I’m starting to get interest from all over the world – but should I be cautious about growing to fast in this economy – and can I trust the global market right now.”

Thanks for all your help!

Donny Deutsch and Jim Cramer comment: if I am profiting and growing now then I need to keep going.

My strategy over the past 4 months:

How my company has been able to beat the recession:

A) I have three versions of my cars my company manufactures and sells. Each version aims at a different customer and target market. I was able to promote the best option for the market. When gas prices went up our ads for our Sports Cars read "Hows 40 MPG Sound" I also kept the editors of the magazines up to speed on this and they helped me to spread this message. (Many customers actually told me the 40 MPG ad motivated them to buy) My competitors ads did not change..

I also promoted the electric powered version of our cars we build. Customers have been motivated to converted their car to electric. Many for these cars are on the road now in just a few months.

B) Many of my competitors did not make it to our big trade show this past May; I was able to reconnect with customers from last years show. I displayed product improvements based on customer feedback from last years show. This gave customers confidence.

C) I make certain our web site shows that our company is still thriving. I update my web site weekly with new images of customers cars, and show off new product concepts for feedback.

My lessons I learned

A) Trust yourself and don't over think it. You can't possibly plan for all the obstacle you will encounter along the way in starting your business. I learned that challenges and set backs are what really motivate me. My second office is now the public library conference rooms.

B) I should have developed my global market sooner its turning out to be a big part of my business. I get e-mails and phone calls about our cars and replacement parts from all over the world.

The good side of the downturn is you may actually have time to:

-Get to know your customers

-Create new products so they are ready for when the economy comes back.

- We had time to launch our new online store

- Other companies are having trouble too so look to developed collaborative relationships and partner with them. We just struck a deal to have a company help us build our frames, suspensions, and engines, more economically.

When the economy comes back we will all be stronger.

David Aliberti
Sterling Sports Cars LLC.