Keeping the American Dream Alive

By Tracy and Paul Squadrito
Founders, Our Hometown Directory

Even in these uncertain times businesses will grow, new businesses will start and the American


Dream will stay alive. I own my own small web based business It is a hometown website that offers hometown news, give-a-ways and most importantly affordable advertising for the small business in our town. My company has been hit hard with the economic downturn, but I will continue to work. I will continue to help other businesses, because that is what you do in hard times. You don’t give up, you work harder.

Paul owns a company called Central Florida Water Systems. He is one of the few water treatment companies left in the area. He is able to sustain because he is a smart business owner, he has kept his overhead down and his prices fair. Central Florida Water Systems will not go away. We will re-group, work harder and we will persevere.

We have learned so much from owning our own successful companies and we know we have a winner with our dream family business. We have always wanted to work together and we have put together a plan that will help our family, and help other families afford quality junior golf apparel. We have hired a designer to take our ideas and put them into reality, and the product is fantastic. We are at a point where we can not self fund the project any more. We need an Angel Investor that will look at our business plan and see that we have a winner. We did not go into this project blindly. We did our research and we have asked for advice every step of the way. There will always be people with money, and there will always be people that want to help others keep their dreams alive. Not everyone can ask their parents for money. Our parents are watching their money disappear in the stock market just like everyone else.

When the country is scared we need people to step up and be encouragers! Several businesses were started during the depression. You have to believe things will get better. They always do, and that is because we are Americans and we can live our dreams!

Tracy Squadrito
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