Wild Two Weeks

Yesterday, the CBOE Volatility Index spiked to a record high, crossing 80 for the first time intraday.

The Dow Industrials has shown some significant moves each day over the past two weeks. In fact, yesterday the Dow was up 10% from its session low to session high.

Take a look at the impressive recent swings for the Dow:

Dow's trading range

  • Today: 332 points (as of mid day)
  • Yesterday: 816 points
  • Wednesday: 779 points
  • Tuesday: 709 points
  • Monday: 966 points
  • Last Friday: 1,019 points
  • Last Thursday: 869 points
  • Last Wednesday: 433 points
  • Last Tuesday: 687 points
  • Last Monday: 797 points

Put all those swings together, and over the past 10 trading sessions, the Dow has moved over 7,400 points – nearly 85% of its ~9,000 level.

Leading the Dow up today are IBM , Merck and Chevron , while Caterpillar , United Technologies and JP Morgan Chase are pulling the Dow down.

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