Look for Mid-Caps to Be Next Market Movers: Analyst

Mid-cap stocks will be the next market movers, says Ron Sloan, senior portfolio manager at Aim Mid Cap Core Equity.

“In the [mid-caps], you’re going to have companies with enough scale, enough market share in their respective industries, to have great balance sheets and yet have incremental growth to the very large companies,” said Sloan.


Cadbury - “We’ve owned this stock for a while. Everyone has rushed to staples as a safety haven—they’ve left this one behind, however. Lots of operating leverage…Lots of pricing power...”

Symantec - “Wonderful cash flow generator—the software industry is the best in the world at generating free cash, we’ve got new products, we’ve got the Veritos acquisition two years behind them now…”

Tyco Electronics - “Market leader—we’ve got operating leverage here, they’re divesting a couple of the dragging businesses...So again, another good cash generator, big market share…”

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No immediate information was available for Sloan or his company. However, Sloan mentioned during his interview that he owns Cadbury stock.