NY Jets Seat Auction: Prices Still Dropping


Update II: After yesterday, I wasn't so sure that my prediction that the Jets would not get the $25,000 average for Coaches Club personal seat licenses would hold up. But things haven't been in the Jets' favor on Day 2 of the auction on eBay's StubHub.

Since my last update at 12:30pm, the prices have dropped another $2,000 per PSL. Through 51 lots sold at 3pm ET, the average Coaches Club PSL is now selling for $20,011. The highest price for a PSL sold today was for 40-yard line seats at $36,100 for each PSL, but two 50-yard line PSLs were snapped up for $14,300. (See that auction here.)

So far, 15 lots today have sold under $15,000. There have been 20-yard line Coaches Club PSLs that have sold for $10,500, $11,200, $11,300 and $11,400.

If things continue the way they've been going, it looks like the Jets are going to have to re-price seats, as some PSLs not in the elite Coaches Club area are currently for sale at $25,000.

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