Focus on Long-Term Investments

Stock markets around the world are going through the most volatile periods seen in years. Even businesses with strong fundamentals have been subject to the wild swings of uncertainty in the stock market.

Ramachandran Krishnan, India director & head of Barclays Wealth Investment and Product Office, says that despite the volatility, the best thing investors can do to protect their portfolio is to take a long term view and stick to companies with good fundamentals.

"I think it is very important to remain focused on the long term investment objectives," Krishnan, said on CNBC Asia's "Protect Your Wealth" segment. "One needs to take a few safeguards, and that is to invest only in assets which have got intrinsically strong and robust business and valuation models."

Krishnan believes such firms would have the quickest recovery rate once markets gets back on their feet again.

He also adds that liquidity should not be taken for granted as capital is scarce and hence, one has to ensure there is no asset liability mismatch.

Even though gold is often seen as a safe haven play, Krishnan is not going 'overweight' on the precious metal but says it should be included in investors' portfolio as a long-term strategic asset allocation. " I would suggest that gold is good as diversification of portfolio and one can take about 5% to 10% exposure in their portfolio."

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