Analyst: TI Seeing "Across the Board Decline"

With a flood of earnings coming in today, CNBC asked analysts to weigh in on the results.

Texas Instruments Earnings Analysis

"They’re seeing an across the board decline in orders, and they say it’s been accumulating over the past few months, and it isn’t so much that their customers are saying definitively that their own customer demand has dried up, it’s more a spread of caution. Customers are just saying, ‘We don’t know what the fourth quarter is going to look like. We don’t know if the holiday season is going to arrive.’ They’re trying to scale back their own inventories, and they’re passing that on to TI ."

-Joanne Feeney, FTN Midwest Securities

American Express Earnings Analysis

“Amex is clearly going to suffer through the credit cycle. They’re seen a faster ramp up than other companies, because they were concentrated where the wealth was – California and Florida.”

Craig Maurer, Caylon Securities

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