Will NFL's Jets Have To Reconsider PSL Prices?

NY Jets
NY Jets

I'm off to the World Series in Tampa, so I can't continue to follow every single Jets PSL auction. But I did it for two days and if it continues like this, there's a chance the New York Jets might have to lower some of the PSL prices for those seats not in the elite Coaches Club section.

I watched every single sale yesterday. The average PSL auctioned off in the Coaches Club on Day Two sold for $19,534. It's worth noting that even that average number was boosted by about $500 when the final lot of the night, at 9:40 pm ET, sold for $55,100.

Whether it's the economy or just the market value coming through, this much is clear: Plenty of people now own Coaches Club PSL's for less than $25,000. That's currently the fixed PSL price in the Great Hall section of the stadium (50-yard line seats opposite the Coaches Club, but without the same amenities).

It's a pretty inexact science. It's possible that, in the end, the Jets will only average the 50-yard line seats in the Coaches Club section to compare that with the Great Hall seats. But there has to be a difference in price there since the Coaches Club includes so much more.

Jets spokesman Bruce Speight released this statement at the end of the second day of the auction: "We continue to be pleased with the level of activity and interest in the auction."

Let's see where the averages fall. It's been an extremely interesting experiment to watch the market set these prices and at the very least, you have to give the Jets credit for doing this in such a public fashion.

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