Intel Pt. 2: The Next Big Thing


Whatever might be in store over the next few months, whether recession, depression or soft landing it makes sense to think that tech will lead us out.

And few companies are better poised to benefit from the next wave than the chip makers. After all it stands to reason that these tiny engines of technology would power us toward “the next big thing,” whatever it may be.

So, what is that next big thing? In an exclusive interview Intel CEO Paul Otellini reveals his next moves.

“What we have to do is focus on where the markets are going,” Otellini tells the Fast Money traders. “Over the past few years we developed a whole new product line that will introduce lower cost computers while still allowing for very good profit margins for Intel . We used our best technology to build tiny devices but at lower costs. To me that gives us a great buffer no matter which way the economy blows.”

Otellini also reveals an interest in new areas. And Intel could be making their move soon.

"I’d like to see us take our architecture into three other markets that are right near us. The first is the cell phone business. The second is consumer electronics and the third is the world on embedded control. Those are enormous markets for semiconductors today and Intel doesn’t participate in those. And they all share a common theme. They are going to be connected to the Internet.”

Considering there are companies who already do that kind of work, it stands to reason to think that Intel could be looking for an acquisition. But Otellini tells us that's not the case.

”I don’t see us doing a giant acquisition to get there. I think we can do that on our own. But we may do some small bits of technology acquisition to fill portfolio holes that we may have.”

By and large Otellini makes it sound like investors should forget about the bear because Intel is about to take the bull by the horns. “Our business is better than the headlines out there. We’re staying focused, not getting distracted and taking advantage of the fact that we have a lot of cash.”

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