Buy Financial and Energy Stocks: Strategist

Dan Genter, CIO at RNC Genter Capital Management, told CNBC that it is a good time for investors to put their money into the energy and financial sectors.

“I think if people start to put some free cash in—maybe a third now, a third in December as we’re going to see some tax-selling, and a third in January as people wrestle with fourth quarter earnings,” said Genter.

“From a macro standpoint, I’d really be focused on areas where I’m not going to have dead money while I wait for this recovery," he said. "That’s going to be in the high-dividend stocks.” (Watch the video for the full interview with Genter and other market watchers.)

Genter's Financial Stock Recommendations:


Bank of America

“I think some of the big banks are very very strong,” said Genter.


No immediate disclosure information was available for Dan Genter or his firm.

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