The Age of the Triple Threat Reporter

Here's a tip to you journalism majors out there: Work on being multi-platform ... because the age of the triple-threat reporter is upon us.

There are plenty of examples out there. In the business journalism chunk of the business, I like to point to our very own Charlie Gasparino and Fortune managing editor Andy Serwer. These are guys who hit print, Internet, and TV with equal aplomb.

It's not easy to do. Clear and concise writing is not always natural, especially on complicated subjects. Intertwining that writing with Internet friendly formats and conventions also takes some practice and know how. And speaking clearly on a variety of subjects while looking into a camera with a producer jabbering in your earpiece isn't as simple as the movies make it out to be.

Or think of it this way ... not all newspaper writers are suitable for TV and not all TV reporters and anchors can write. And not all newspaper articles make friendly Net reading and not all TV reports are worth watching on a computer screen.

But that's going to have to change, if for nothing else than economic reasons. In case you haven't noticed, more and more media conglomerates are disseminating news over different platforms. Sooner or later some MBA is going to wonder why one reporter does it in paper, while another does it on TV, and yet another does it on the Web.

Some journo cats, then, are going to have to change their stripes. A few mumbling metro section reporters may have to learn diction and enunciation. Some TV anchors may have to learn how to spell and use verbs. And the Net ... well, we probably have some bad, stereotypical flaws that need to change too. ;)

So future job-seekers ... the triple-threat is the future of journalism -- disseminating the information you gather through a variety of platforms. But I'm seeing a lot of resumes these days only emphasizing one platform or another. My advice to those entering the journalism job market: Have a clip, a link and a video. That way you'll have it covered.