Don't Break Your Nest Egg in a Bumpy Ride

A large percentage of you voted in yesterday's poll that "you're excited to ride the investing shockwave." Before jumping in or continuing the wild ride, Carmen warns, its essential to be extremely cautious if retirement savings are tied into your investments -- especially given the current market volatility.

Larry Adam, chief investment strategist from Deutsche Bank, joins Carmen at the Money Desk and reiterates a common thread in today's show: try to strip out the excess of emotions rampant in the present market environment, whether it's panic or the other end of the emotional spectrum: euphoria. Both can lead to bad choices and make you lose view of critical goals, such as a secure retirement.

Larry and Carmen also hit upon the danger of trying to "time" the market's peaks and dips. In the long-term, it's a losing proposition unless you really know what you're doing -- and even experienced investors know there's always an unavoidable element of risk. If you can't afford to lose what you're investing, it's just a bad idea.