The Most Valuable Sports Ticket Stub Ever?

World Series 2008
World Series 2008

Call it the most valuable stub in the history of sports. That's what they are going to call last night's suspended World Series game ticket.

With B.J. Upton tying the game in the top of the sixth and Game Five suspended due to the rain, the only people getting into the game the next time this thing is played are those who held onto their stubs.

Major League Baseball spokesman Matt Bourne tells us that the Phillies are refreshing their bar codes so that the stubs can be scanned all over again for the continuation of the game.

So, how many people, when the rain started pouring down, feverishly started searching their pockets and their cardboard containers that once held their hot pretzel for the stub?

Maybe not as many as you think. When fans entered the stadium, they got a plastic holder (sponsored by Taco Bell) to put their ticket in. So the percentage of people who hung on to their ticket is likely high.

The first suspended game in World Series history certainly presents an intriguing business story. Some Phillies fans might not have been willing to give up their seats the first time to see the team win its first championship since 1980, but how many are willing to make their money back by selling the same ticket back?

The first two postings we saw on eBay at 1:25 am, had prices of $900 and $1,899 attached to them, so people have lofty expectations.

With the market surely hot over these things, it's going to be interesting to watch eBay and StubHub over the next couple hours.

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