The 'Cramer Effect' and This Market

Thanks to a late-day decline that pulled the rug out from good and bad stocks alike on Monday, you've now got a fantastic opportunity to pick up Alberto-Culver, a stock we recommended on Friday as a recession-proof play on lower oil prices, similar to another hyphenated company we like, Kimberly-Clark, for a song. Alberto-Culver reported a good quarter yesterday, with better-than-expected sales, and went as high as $23.55.

But thanks to the riptide of late-day selling, Alberto-Culver got dragged back down to $21.80, just 13 cents above its Friday close, the price where we recommended it. Now the stock is back up in after-hours trading, and I don't know if you'll be able to get that price again Tuesday, but this is a great example of something we talked about last week: Huge, irrational late-day moves, caused largely hedge funds, that create either buying or selling opportunities, depending on whether we're up or down.

The standing rule is that you should wait five days before buying a stock we recommend on the show. Although in a market this ugly, I don't think the so-called "Cramer effect" is as pronounced. If you can buy a stock at about where we recommended it or less, then pull the trigger. You got a gift Monday afternoon in Alberto-Culver.

The lesson: Be patient. You didn't even have to wait a full trading day to get this one at a good price. It may have gone up again in after-hours trading, but this is a market that loves to punish stocks, whether they deserve it or not. Alberto-Culver will probably be punished again, so wait for it.

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