Two Stocks That Just Might Double

On the distant investment horizon, Oakmark Fund portfolio manager Bill Nygren sees some bright lights.

"As a long-term investor, if you think about normalized P/Es being mid-teens multiples, if you think about growth having been deferred a couple of years, rather than eliminated, if we see stocks getting back up to 15 times earnings, and seeing earnings recover in a couple of years, there are lots of companies that that would create a double in price from today's levels," Nygren told CNBC.


Asked to name names, Nygren begins with American Express.

"They earned $3 and change last year," he said. "Their earnings are still nicely positive this year, down about 30 percent, but relative to their financial services peers, that's a very good performance."

He also likes Boeing.

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Disclosure information for Bill Nygren was not immediately available.