NBA Fan Cost Index: Most Expensive And Cheapest Items


I just got Team Marketing Report's NBA Fan Cost Index. I'm going to pull out the most interesting stats for you.

Highest average ticket price: Los Angeles Lakers, $93.25
Highest % change in average ticket price: Golden State Warriors, +25.3%
Cheapest available ticket: Dallas Mavericks, $2
Cheapest beer (per oz.): Denver Nuggets, 26 cents
Most expensive beer (per oz.): New Jersey Nets, 48 cents
Cheapest hot dog: Three teams (Suns, Cavs, Hornets), $3
Most expensive hot dog: Golden State Warriors, $5.75
Most expensive parking: New York Knicks, $30
Least expensive parking: Charlotte Bobcats, $6

Team Marketing Report says that the average ticket price is up 2.8 percent to $49.47. But what we're interested in is what teams, in this economy, are more in demand this year than last? For that, we look at the secondary market and turn to the folks at for the top 10 increases.


OK.City Thunder $30 $118 293 Percent

Utah Jazz $24 $84 250 Percent

Chicago Bulls $65 $132 103 Percent

Detroit Pistons $35 $56 60 Percent

Atlanta Hawks $57 $81 42.1 Percent

Charlotte Bobcats $65 $79 21.5 Percent

Cleve. Cavaliers $60 $72 20 Percent

Toronto Raptors $86 $103 19.8 Percent

Portland TrailBlazers $75 $89 18.7 Percent

New Jersey Nets $60 $70 16.6 Percent

I'm throwing out the Oklahoma City Thunder since they moved from Seattle. So judging from this chart, the Charlotte Bobcats are currently the best value in the NBA. Their average ticket price ($36.26) is 58 percent lower than the price the tickets are commanding on the secondary market.

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