Is Trinity on Track?

Cramer’s been bullish on Trinity the company for some time, though he’s been well aware that Trinity the stock has been at the mercy of hedge funds lately.

He warned of further damage in TRN back on Oct. 13. Hedge funds are scrambling to raise cash to meet client redemptions, and Trinity is apparently one of the holdings these funds are liquidating en masse. The stock’s down 19% just since mid-month.

But, as Cramer’s mantra goes, broken stocks are different than broken companies. And business seems to be good and Trinity. This railcar company also operates in barges and wind towers, an alternative energy that Cramer’s been trumpeting on Mad Money since at least this summer.

Cramer’s hesitant to recommend many stocks in this market, so he brought Trinity Chairman, President and CEO Timothy Wallace on the show to find out exactly how good things are at the company. Wallace touched everything from suspending 2009 earnings guidance to order cancellations to his company’s prospects for the next five years.

Watch the video for more. The outlook’s better than you might think.

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