Tech Stock Bargains — And Pans

Technology stocks have not been immune to the market skid, and Richard Prati of AmTech Research thinks it's time to take a look at some of the ensuing bargains. He urges caution, though — and he's got a few pans to go with the picks.

"Even if you look at the numbers that are forecast for next year, if you can take a pretty good-sized discount to those numbers and even assuming a worst-case scenario, they still appear to be pretty cheap, there's a good chance that's actually going to turn out to be the case," he told CNBC.


He likes Research In Motion.

"While the consumer is definitely questionable, iffy, into the next year, with discretionary spending taking a hit, they've got a lot of new products," he said. "We think they're going to see some pretty good numbers."

Google and Yahoo are also on his list.

"These stocks have gotten extraordinarily cheap," he said. "These guys have been able to monetize search, and on top of that, you've got 3G that's a major trend that Google benefits from."

Pans—Stay Away From:

So who doesn't he like?

"Some of the hardware names," he said. "I still don't like Dell a whole lot; Ericsson is one that we think is still going to have problems."


Neither Prati nor his family owns shares of Google or Research in Motion, and his firm has no business relationship with either firm. Disclosure information for Prati involving the other companies was not immediately available.