Media Biz: What Isn't Being Said

Went to's "Future of Business Media" conference this week. A few interesting discussions:

Was media to blame for the market's fall? (No)

Can magazines save themselves digitally? (They like to think so)

If Yahoo and AOL tied up, would it be a category killer? (Depends on execution)

You can review nuggets from the conference here. Actually, one of the more impressive things there was the table full of Paidcontent journos blogging the talks as they went on.

Something struck me, though ... the discussion that didn't take place. After this market mayhem, the audience for business news and information is probably going to shrink. People will be angry and then, apathetic about the market. That doesn't make for gonzo readership.

So what are all of us who make our living off of investor interest going to do? Especially when advertisers, who will be wrestling with a recession or close facsimile, pull back on budgets? (Indeed, one speaker noted that ad dollars are already drying up).

Hmmm ... cut-throat competition, shakeouts, survival of the fittest .... I guess that conversation didn't happen because it'd be pretty unpleasant.