Buy Companies With Cash

Lately we've been recommending three kinds of plays: companies that are traditional defensive, recession-resistant names, companies with massive and safe dividend yields, and companies that are trading at or near their cash per share.

Tuesday night Jim recommended Bebe Stores as part of the last group, a company with $4 of cash per share and, when we highlighted it, a $7.21 stock. I think it's time for an update on another company we've recommended multiple times for the same reason, KBR.

We first highlighted KBR back on Oct. 1, with the stock at $15.13, partially because it had $9 of cash per share. Now that the stock has fallen to $13 and change, its cash represents two-thirds of its share price. Unlike Bebe, which was up 13% yesterday, KBR closed up just a penny, although it did have a major rally from its lows.

Since the last time we talked about KBR it's won some major contracts, a $197 million contract with the U.S. Army on Friday, and Wednesday a contract for an undisclosed amount with a firm in Abu Dhabi.

If you liked Bebe because it was trading so close to its cash per share, you should really take a look at KBR.

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