Warren Buffett Buys A Few More Burlington Northern Shares .. For A Quick Paper Profit


Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has added 825,000 more shares to its Burlington Northern Santa Fe stake, bringing its total holdings to 64,610,418 shares.

Berkshire now owns 18.87 percent of Burlington's outstanding shares, up slightly from the 18.63 percent stake it held before the latest purchase.

In a filing with the SEC a few minutes ago, Berkshire says it made its latest purchase two days ago, on October 28, paying $79.65 a share. That puts the purchase price at just under $66 million.

Burlington hit an intraday low of $77.58 on Tuesday, but closed at $83.45. Today (Thursday) it finished the regular session at $86.59.

That means the stock is up 3.8 percent close-to-close, and up 8.7 percent from Berkshire's purchase price.

So, the shares Berkshire bought two days ago for about $66 million are now worth over $71 million, on paper.

But the market value of Berkshire's total stake in Burlington hasn't been doing all that well.

Berkshire disclosed a series of buys last summer and fall in the vicinity of $80 a share.

The stock fell into the high $70s in January, sparking a string of Berkshire buys. It then rallied as high as $114.58 in early June, only to fall back to the high $70s again this week.

Over the past year, Burlington Northern shares have gained just 1.4 percent.

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