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Boone Pickens says his company is "out of the market, and [has] been for several weeks," after it was slammed by the credit crunch, shrinking by about 60 percent so far this year. Meanwhile, Mexico's Carlos Slim, the world's second richest man, comments on the economy. Following are today's top videos:

BP Capital Loses $2B in Oil

“With my “Pickens-plan” I said I’m all out of this campaign, I’ve got my own campaign going so I don’t have any predictions. There’s no question I’m going to have to deal with the Democratic congress, and I’ve found that they’re very receptive to what I’m talking about. They realize you’ve got to have an energy plan…”

—Boone Pickens, CEO, BP Capital

Ackman Plays

“Our goal is more than unlocking value, and part of our goal is to ensure that Target has the access to capital it needs to grow its business going forward. In some articles, it was described as a “complicated transaction,” but I think it’s pretty simple…”

—Bill Ackman, Managing Partner, Pershing Square Capital Management

Black and Blue Gold

We’re out of the market and have been for several weeks. And we’ll come back from probably the level we were in 2005, not unusual, I’ve made comebacks before. I’m starting this comeback from a much higher level than I have in the past, but we will do it—I have no doubts about that. I want to see a little more of the market before we move back in again, we’re not going to be in any rush.”

—Boone Pickens, CEO, BP Capital

Slim On the Sidelines

“I think that’s a very difficult moment and the problem is the worst I have seen in my life. It’s a financial pandemia that is affecting the entire world, and I am very worried about the economic consequences, the real economy. Because now we have the problem in the financial economy, but it looks like the consequences in the real economy can be very important, and I think governments and everyone need to work in this direction to avoid the social consequences of a big problem like this.”

—Carlos Slim, Billionaire

Stop Trading, Listen to Cramer!

People have to understand that if Sheila Bair gets her way, and we bailout 3 million homeowners who are now going to be able to stay in their homes, that’s the first genuine good news for a cohort that has been the absolute worse, which has been retailers, having to do with homes—I think we’ll see lift in Home Depot , and lift in Lowes.

—Jim Cramer, CNBC's Mad Money

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