Governors Weigh In on Presidential Race

With the presidential election just four days away, CNBC asked governors from both sides of the aisle to weigh in.

Sununu: McCain Must Address Economy

“Senator McCain obviously has to give a little hope to folks in terms of the economy. I think he’s got to talk about jobs, he’s got to talk about the fact that a terrible tax policy will send jobs overseas, he’s got to talk about the fact that if we don’t fix the corporate tax rate we continue to lose jobs, he has to talk about small business.”

Former New Hampshire Governor John Henry Sununu

Crist: McCain 'On His Game'

“The senator is on his game. He’s talking about tax cuts, which is what people want to hear about, and it’s resonating here in the Sunshine State.”

Florida Governor Charlie Crist

Sebelius on Obama, Energy & the Election

“What we desperately need now is to move in a new direction. We need to be far less dependent on foreign oil – 70 percent of the oil that we use we import – we have to ramp up our assets in solar and wind and biothermal, we have to get to clean-coal technology and I would agree we have to start building nuclear plants.”

Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius

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