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Investment in public infrastructure does not create government jobs; it does not add a new l


ayer of bureaucracy. Instead it creates private sector jobs that serve a public purpose.

Before Joe the Plumber and Mark the Electrician need a cut in the capital gains tax, they first need a job site. Once they are put to work, once they have income, once they can pay for their families’ basic needs, then they can worry about investments and capital gains. But first they need a job.

For example, this investment will allow local transit agencies to update their bus fleets, and order buses built in places such as Jamestown, NY, and St. Cloud, MN. These orders will create jobs in these communities and help local economies.

The next time you are stuck in traffic, the next time your home has no water because of a main break, the next time you are sitting on an airport tarmac for hours because of inadequate runway capacity, remember what infrastructure investment means. It is not a waste of money to rebuild our deteriorating roadways, replace our aging water systems, or improve our crowded airports.

These are investments that will create jobs and stimulate the economy from the bottom up, and allow businesses to move goods and services more efficiently to help the economy from the top down.

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