Athletes And The Weapons To Fight The "Superbug"


I’m sure you’ve seen all the stories regarding athletes and staph infections more technically known as MRSA.

Although the information each time has been sketchy, the names Kellen Winslow, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning have become associated with it in recent weeks. MRSA is called a “Superbug” because it is resistant to a bevy of antibiotics and therefore can be fatal. That’s created this humungous industry of MRSA combatants.

Cepheid: It’s a publicly traded molecular diagnostics company that makes a test called the GeneXpert test that detects MRSA. The test supposedly identifies someone who has MRSA within an hour. A usual culture takes as much as three days.

Byotrol: A British company that makes an anti-microbial that combats MRSA and they say works to kill the microorganisms days after it has been applied. Another selling point is that it requires no special protection when applying it.

GagaGen: A biotechnology company that is working on MRSA-resistant products. Received $1.8 million in funding earlier this month for the project.

Himalayan Oregano: A research team is currently investigating the properties of Himalayan oregano oils as an antibacterial agent against MRSA.

Honeymark International: Sells an antiseptic lotion made with manuka honey, one of the only natural substances that has been known to fight off MRSA.

Pure Green: Makes disinfectant and deodorizer that kills MRSA.

Rib-X Pharmaceuticals: Currently developing an antibiotic named Delafloxacin, which kills off a broad spectrum of bacteria including MRSA.

Sana Systems: This company headed by a Los Angeles martial arts school owner makes a new line of products called Athletic Body Care.Says its skin sanitizer, power wash, defense lotion and muscle soak kills 99 percent of germs, including MRSA.

TaiGen Biotechnology: Currently testing a MRSA killing drug called Nemonoxacin.

Tec Laboratories: Makes a product called Staphsepticthat it markets to athletic trainers.

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