Stock Picker: Bad Numbers = Good Prospects

John Buckingham of Al Frank Asset Management is ready for a rally, and he names ten stocks he expects to be riding that rally.

"All of the things that are awful out there in the economy, we already know that," he told CNBC. "This stuff is baked into the cake."

Even the prospect of grim job numbers fails to discourage him:

"When you look at unemployment statistics, you see high unemployment, believe it or not, equity prices are poised to do better over the next one, two, three, and five years," he said.

Recommendations — Health Care:

"Health care is attractive," he said. "We like Pfizer, we like Glaxo (Smithkline), McKesson, Humana."

"In technology, [we like] the big caps," he added.


Disclosure information for John Buckingham was not immediately available.