Deere: An Obama Stock?

The theme for Monday’s Mad Money focused on which stocks work after Tuesday’s election. Cramer, assuming the polls are right, made most of his predictions based on an Obama win. And the one sector he thinks stands to gain, if not the most, then a whole lot is agriculture.

Obama’s a backer of ethanol and farming in general. And while those industries have take a major hit as ag commodities have come down – Deere’s dropped 59% from its 52-week high – Cramer thinks a Democratic White House could spark a turnaround.

Deere, actually, is one of his favorites. If ethanol gets the push Cramer’s expecting, then that bodes well for this company, which operates in much the same way that Transocean or Schlumberger does for the oil industry, as a services firm.

Beyond political favor, Deere’s shown itself strong enough to withstand the market’s volatility. September same-store sales showed growth both here at home and overseas. So the trend here seems to be moving upward.

But to get a better idea of exactly where the ag complex is and how Deere is doing right now, Cramer brought Deere Chairman, President and CEO Bob Lane on the show. Watch the video for more on a possible multiyear move for the business, the $700 billion bailout package, the commercial paper market, commodities and more.

You’ll find out why Lane said, “It’s obviously a very rocky time, but Deere is a very strong ship” and Cramer called Deere a “terrific opportunity” that investors should buy for the long term.

Jim's charitable trust owns Deere.

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