Mad Mail: Cramer to Replace Paulson?

Dear Jim: Kudos for hitting a home run on two pressing issues – deflation and rate cuts. I was absolutely amazed by your very prescient call on deflation months ago – you were so far ahead of the curve! Also, your piece on rate cuts and their importance was an absolute gem. It was a refreshing change from most of the doom and gloom reactions offered by a number of experts. I loved the fact that you explained in very simple language how rate cuts impact the economy. Would you consider the Treasury secretary position or being part of the economic policy team in a new administration? Keep up the great work - you simply rock! --Ravi

Cramer says: “…I am an optimist about what can happen. I don’t want to be considered a bull or a bear here. But I am an optimist. I think that things could work out over the next 18 months. We need housing to bottom…”


Dear Jim: The other day during "Am I Diversified?" you had a difficult time advising the caller as between Duke Energy and Kinder Morgan Energy Partners. In a tough call like that, and in a market where we should be seeking big yields, isn't it better to go with the stock that has an upcoming ex-dividend date vs. one that just passed? The date to qualify for KMP's next dividend recently passed, whereas DUK's ex-dividend date is coming up soon. Isn't Duke then the better play? Thanks Jim. --William

Cramer says: “…you’re absolutely right. I should have referred to the ex-dividend date, and that is a great call.”


Jim: Can you explain the impact, if any, the Olympics in China had on the global economy? If China spent a record $40 Billion on the Olympics and we, as the global community, were leveraged at 30+ to 1, then wouldn't this explain the drop in such things as steel, copper, oil, and shipping rates? It makes sense since China shut the country down months before the Olympics to reduce pollution. Wouldn't that account for the stockpile of raw goods being imported? --Jim

Cramer says: “…China remains an unbelievable mystery to me. I don’t know what happened…they are heading into a severe recession. I am concerned about China. It’s something that keeps me from being a big bull.”

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