Back to Basics

The wild swings we have witnessed lately in the equity markets can be unnerving, but it is times like this that investors should take advantage of and snap up stocks on the cheap.

Joseph Poon, head of Macquarie Private Wealth Asia, believes one should keep assets as liquid as possible and protect one's investments by sticking to recession-proof stocks such as those in healthcare and education.

Another sector that he favors is Asian financials as he finds that they have sound fundamentals and make good buys at current levels.

"That selling down in Asian financials is due to flight to quality...But within the Asian banking system, since 1997, balance sheets have been much more fortified. In terms of non-performing loans, and they are more exposed to domestic depositors," explains Poon on CNBC Asia Pacific’s “Protect Your Wealth” segment.

"And regionally, with governments taking more proactive measures to boost domestic consumption in Asia, I think the banks still (have) deep value..." He adds.

Investors are advised to steer clear of exporters. "The areas that you avoid at the moment will be export. It is clear that the down cycle in demand export is going to come into Asia from the lack of demand in Europe and the US." Poon says.

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Poon believes the way to scouring for bargains is for investors to go back to the basics and look at a company's fundamentals where a strong balance sheet always matters.

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