Two College Rivalries With Vastly Different Ticket Prices

Ohio State
Ohio State

Two rivalries. One suffering team in each of the two games and two different stories from a ticketing standpoint.

If you ever want to see an Michigan-Ohio State game in Columbus, now seems to be the year to jump in. If you've never been to an Iron Bowl, you might want to sit out this one.

Although it's still an expensive ticket, the average price to the Nov. 22 rivalry game between Michigan and Ohio State on StubHub is $557. A small fortune, I know. But consider this fact. The last time the Buckeyes and the Wolverines played in Ohio Stadium, they were ranked No. 1 and No. 2 in the country and tickets for the game averaged $876 on StubHub that day.

The 35 percent discount from the 2006 price on the secondary market is of course due to the fact that Michigan is currently 2-7, assured their first losing record since 1967.

Tickets on the secondary market for games played at Ohio State typically sell for almost double that of games played at Michigan Stadium. Counting this year's average, the last two games played at Ohio State have averaged $719 on StubHub, while the last two games in Ann Arbor have cost fans an average of $327 a seat.

But it's not all due to the Wolverines. It's also about Ohio State not having national title hopes after losing to USC and Penn State.

How do I know? Because when you have just one team gunning for the title against a team facing a disappointing season tickets for a rivalry game is through the roof. StubHub's average ticket price for the Auburn-Alabama game at Alabama this year is currently tracking at $431 each.

The previous high over the last four years was at Auburn in 2005 when Alabama came in ranked No. 8 and was 9-1 and Auburn was ranked No. 12 and was 8-2. That year StubHub's average ticket price was $393.

But this year's game is more in demand, with Alabama ranked No. 1 for the first time since 1992. With a loss to Ole Miss this past Saturday, Auburn is doing its best impression of Michigan in this rivalry and currently stands at 4-5.

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