At McCain Headquarters -- Johnny Cash!

First we had Hank Williams, Jr. come out on stage at the McCain party and, frankly, give a great little unplugged concert. One song he sang was, "I Walk the Line," telling the audience that June Carter Cash was his godmother.

A short time later singer John Rich took the stage, half of country duo Big and Rich. His first song ... "I Walk the Line". The crowd was a little confused.

But Rich really got the crowd going afterwards. He started by shouting, "Can I get a Republican 'Hell, yeah!'" And he got one.

And then he took a shot at MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann -- "I can't stand that guy ... He's like Howard Stern with a bad suit." The crowd went nuts.

But maybe the biggest response came when he said, "On the campaign trail with John McCain, I would call him an 'American Badass', and I stand by that statement."

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