Investor Prudence

On Tuesday's show, Jim said it was time to start scaling out of some of the stocks we've been recommending lately.

These are the names that are trading close to their cash – think Bebe and KBR, newly high-yielders like Nucor and recession-resistant stocks – here think food stocks and soft-good plays like Kimberly-Clark.

This does not mean that Jim no longer likes these companies. It does not mean he's "giving up" on the stocks. His call to start taking profits was all about one thing: price. The Dow has now rallied 1,850 points from its intraday low on Oct. 10. It's rallied 1,450 points from its close at 8,175 a week and a half ago on Oct. 27. That's a 23.8% rally from the Oct. 10 lows, and a 17% rally from the close on Oct. 27.

Anyone who doesn't take some profits after moves of that magnitude is simply not being disciplined. I know it doesn't necessarily feel like we're up all that much, since the Dow Jones Industrial Average was 1,000 higher than it is now a month ago, but that fact, as important as it may seem, is irrelevant. We were telling you to sell before the huge declines, then we recommended buying stock near their cash, the newly-high yielders and the recession-resistant names after these stocks had already taken enormous hits. Now they've had major rallies, but aside from taking the Great Depression II off the table, the fundamentals haven't really changed. The estimate cuts are still coming for a lot of the newly high-yielders that no longer yield so much because of their recent gains. We liked them for the yield, but when the yield gets smaller and the price gets higher, we have to like them less.

Jim didn't turn his back or flip flop tonight, he recommended prudence. When your stocks are up big, you have to take something off the table.

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