Results of the CNBC/LinkedIn Automaker Bailout Poll

More than 70 percent of respondents to our most recent CNBC/LinkedIn poll say the government has done enough to help struggling US automakers.

Just over 20 percent of respondents said the government should help more, and 8 percent remained undecided (see charts below).

Strikingly, sentiment on the matter in Detroit and the auto industry is opposite from the rest of the country, with 76 percent of respondents in these areas saying the government should help. Also, US cities most affected by the automotive industry feel generally more favorable about additional government assistance.

Those respondents who were least supportive of assistance to the auto industry work in the airline, biotech, oil and gas and venture capital sectors. In fact, 100 percent of respondents in the venture capital sector said they would not support further government assistance.


In Chicago, 25 percent of respondents were in favor of government assistance. Dallas respondents were only slightly less supportive of further government assistance with 24 percent responding favorably.

See the charts below for a complete breakdown:

Responses Broken Down by Industry Sector

Responses Broken Down by City