President-elect Obama Now Sports Wear Endorser?

Asics Gel-Nimbus 9

President-elect Barack Obama is suddenly the most powerful man in America. And that means that people are listening to what he does or says—or endorses, for that matter.

Today's New York Post has a picture of Obama leaving a Chicago gym wearing Asics shoes.

The web site, which tracks what celebrities are wearing, says Obama already has been "spotted" wearing brands like Nike, Levi's and Tag Heuer.

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Update: The folks at Asics tell us the President-Elect is wearing the Gel-Nimbus 9.

The future leader of the free world apparently knows his stuff when it comes to picking his kicks. The Gel Nimbus-9 is was the top vote-winner in a 2007 Runner's World online poll and was named the "Shoe of the Year" by the magazine's editors. He's not afraid to spend for the best either. The shoe, which is the top of the line in the Asics "Cushioning" category, retails for $120.

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