Stocks for Healthcare's Shifting Landscape

Healthcare reform may take longer than its proponents had hoped, but it's coming, and Arthur Henderson of Jefferies has pinpointed some stocks that stand to gain traction.

"There's just not enough money to fund a big healthcare reform bill," he told CNBC. "I do think that there are some tweaks that can be done to expand eligibility for children, as well as emphasis on more cost containment."


Topping his list of stock picks are home nursing providers LHC Group and Amedisys.

"Whether there's reform or not, these companies are lower-cost alternative settings," he said. "You can get great clinical care at a much lower price than you can in an inpatient setting, so I think as they look for ways to fund expanded eligibility, areas like this that they can get more people into are going to benefit."

He also likes pharmacy benefit manager Express Scripts.

"Generic utilization is going to go up," he explained. "We're already seeing it; companies are exchanging their formularies to get more people on these generic drugs. PBMs like Express Scripts are going to do well in that circumstance."

Rounding out his selections is Emergency Medical Services.

"Communities—cities, municipalities—that are having trouble funding ambulance services are going to turn to outsource providers like EMS that are much more efficient," he said.


Neither Henderson, his family, nor his firm owns shares in, or has any business relationship with, LHC Group, Amedisys, Express Scripts, or Emergency Medical Services.