Trade For The Duration


It wasn’t long ago that buy and hold was the mantra of investing - a simple playbook believed to beat all others.

And largely due to this unwavering belief, the retirement industry boomed with the popularity of 401(k)s surging almost 70% over the last 10 years. Even the government tried to get in on the act back in 2005, with a campaign to privatize the social security system.

Who can forget President Bush saying, "that's what these accounts offer people: they offer people a chance to invest their own money in safe, conservative stocks and bonds - they can watch it grow over time - to add on to, to compliment social security."

We all know where that plan ended. Black October brought our financial system to the brink and caused pension funds alone to lose $2 trillion dollars over the last year.

But buy and hold might not be entirely dead, at least according to Pete Najarian. "It’s the time frame of the hold that’s changed," he says

In other words; take a look at duration. Understand the duration of your trade.

“For example, if you’re looking at Intel and you have the guts to buy Intel and you get a 15% move to the upside, take your money and run.”

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