Giving Investors More Quote Coverage

If you checked a stock quote on our Web site early this morning, like before 9:30 a.m., you got a treat ... a price quote from the pre-market action. And, depending on the stock, it came straight from the NYSE or Nasdaq.

This afternoon, after the market closes, you can get information about what a stock is doing after hours too.

You can't get that information anywhere. But, as a consequence of our real-time quote offerings with those two exchanges this year, we're able to bring it to you.

Pre- and post-market pricing information is getting more critical these days. Knowing how the big boy brokers and institutions are lining up their pre-market bets, or reacting to post market news, can give the average investor some insight into what to expect during regular trading hours. And perhaps how to react to it.

As an added help, we've set up a special extended hours Dow 30 page to let investors track the stocks that will set the main tone for the market. (Pssst: Secret tip. That URL responds to the ticker symbols in it. Change those symbols and you can set up your own customized list. Cool, huh?)

On an additional note, we added some futures functionality to our mobile offerings too.

Hope you enjoy the new features. May your extended hours quotes always be green. (Unless you're shorting, of course).