Never Mind Foreclosures, Here's The Real Housing Problem

Here's a bulletin I got from UC Berkeley on the massive threat to California real estate warming. Forget no-doc liar loans. The state which loves its sunshine will get too hot to sustain...housing. "The report finds that the state has $4 trillion in real estate assets, of which $2.5 trillion are at risk from extreme weather events, sea level rise, and wildfires, with a projected annual price tag of $300 million to $3.9 billion over this century, depending on how warm the world gets," the report says. Really?

It's not an easy time to be a chicken farmer. Feed costs went through the room this year, and now California voters decided that chickens in that state need to have more room. It'll now cost more to produce poultry and eggs in the Golden State. Now, PETA is hoping to convince Americans to just say "no" to turkey this Thanksgiving. And they've pulled in some pretty big guns to help the birds, including a lame duck, sort of. Check out the video.

Rick Seaney of Fare Compare has detailed what he calls "Airline Inauguration Surcharges", noting that air fares to Washington, DC, will skyrocket around Inauguration Day. Flights to DC departing the day before inauguration and returning the day after are, on average, three times more expensive than trips starting the week before (and still returning the same day, January 21st).

Trips from Los Angeles show the great leap, going from $309 if leaving January 10th to the average price of $1,534 during Inauguration week, a 396 percent jump. The lowest increase if from New York during that week, with merely a 27 percent jump. Tickets from Dallas jump 346 percent in that period (are any Texans even going to the Inauguration?), 301 percent from Detroit (GM execs looking for more help?), and 180 percent from Phoenix, in case Sen. John McCain needs to fly commercial. Even flights from Sarah Palin's Anchorage are more than doubling in price that week!

Meantime, am I the only one who's noticed that while fuel prices are plummeting, I'm still paying $15 to check my first bag on many flights, and even a coke now costs $2?

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