What's Buffett Buying?  Berkshire's Portfolio Snapshot Coming Later Today


Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway is expected to file its quarterly portfolio snapshot with the SEC after today's (Friday's) closing bell on Wall Street.

The report of Berkshire's publicly-traded U.S. stock holdings as of the end of the third quarter, September 30, could reveal whether Buffett has been buying U.S. stocks for Berkshire as enthusiastically as he has been buying for his own personal account.

There is, however, the matter of timing. Today's filing won't include any information about October.

Buffett's "I'm Buying American" op-ed in the New York Timeswas published on October 17. The benchmark S&P 500 stock index had dropped about 18 percent from its September 30 close by then, presumably creating some of the bargains Buffett was picking up in early October. We'll have to wait until mid-February's fourth quarter filing to get some clues about last month.

Three months ago, we learned that Berkshire has added a new stakein NRG Energy during the second quarter.


While we're waiting for today's filing, check out Berkshire's holdings as of June 30 with our Portfolio Tracker. It shows you what stocks Berkshire has reported owning, how many shares and the real-time dollar value of the holdings. We've also just added another column that displays the percentage of each company's outstanding shares that are owned by Buffett & Co. And, of course, it will be updated later tonight with the latest holdings as revealed in today's filing.

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