Dollar's Days Numbered; Buy Commodities: Jim Rogers

Commodities are one of the only viable investment opportunities left and are set to rebound as demand problems take hold, while the outlook for the dollar is bleak, famed investor Jim Rogers said Friday.

Jim Rogers talks commodities at the World Money Show in London.
Sharon Lorimer
Jim Rogers talks commodities at the World Money Show in London.

The dollar's days as the world's reserve currency are numbered, Rogers said at the World Money Show conference in London.

The greenback faces serious devaluation as spiraling national debt and a worsening economic crisis undermine it, he said.

America's growing debt problem is "out of control" and Federal Reserve Chief Ben Bernanke's strategy of printing money is a "terrible policy," he said.

Bernanke "does not understand economics, he does not understand markets … he is going to run those printing presses until we run out of trees," he added.

Commodities 'Through the Roof'

Despite the recent massive declines in oil and other commodities, the asset class is in a bull market caused by ever tightening supply, according to Rogers.

“When supply goes down and demand goes up, that’s a bull market," Rogers said.

"By the time we get to the end of this bull market, commodities will be going through the roof," he said.

"The only place I know where the fundamentals are unimpaired is commodities," he added.

Nearly every oil-producing country has declining reserves, Rogers said. Rogers highlighted Africa as being a key continent for oil exploration going forward. He also speculated that a commodities bull run could last until 2020.

Rogers warned investors against putting money into bonds, saying that would be a "terrible place to invest for a long time to come."

"Stocks at best are going to continue in a big trading range," he added.

The dollar is going to have "serious problems down the road," Rogers said, adding that he is using dollar rallies as opportunities to get out of the currency.